Our Other Animals



HEART Retreat is horse learning right? Well in the summer of 2017 Pheonix and Arizon joined us and in 2018 we added Winnie and Luna for the "holy cuteness" effect to our program. .... WELL we are so glad we did. We did our research for 2 years on what breed, what breeder, and of course had to convince the co-owner of the farm to let us have them.... lol we are definitely in love with Pheonix and Arizona and have added Winnie and Luna, Phoenix, Winslow, (aka Winnie), Arizona and Luna are Myotonic goats.

Unfortunately we lost our beautiful little Winnie in July 2020. We know she is shyly and quietly sitting by our Creator's side and she is being showered with love because she is just way too cute and irresistible. 

Goat love

Our goats have been to high school to promote how therapetic animals are.  They were on their best behaviour for our Georgian College Vet Tech students and make our clients double over with laughter! But before you decide to get a goat make sure that you understand they can live for 10-15 years, and they get very attached to their human caregivers, and they love to chew, jump, climb, escape and are extremely smart! We LOVE OUR GOATS!!

According to researchers from Queen Mary University of London, goats have the capacity to communicate with people like other domesticated animals such as dogs and horses.

Llamas: Monet Latte and Askfora Cappuccino


Two baby llamas that joined us in 2012 at the age of 7 months. Monet Latte has the face and the temperament of an angel. Her fur is so soft. Cappuccino is the protector; she loves beards and is learning to be soft and caring.

These two are the greeters and are super curious. They will definitely help people deal with allowing animals into their personal space because to llamas, there is not such a thing as personal space, it's all theirs.

They love to lighten the energy of the day and help us laugh and smile at their antics and their commical behaviour.

Donkeys: Doc, Duke and Shrek


Shrek is a 2010 baby he came to us when he was 5 years old. He is a  Sicilian donkey that was purchased from a couple that sold their hobby farm. He loves people, especially men. He loves subs with pickles and a good scratch. Shrek is the dinner bell, if you are tardy in feeding, you can hear him from in the house.

Shrek is the attention seeker and can be persistant! We are sure he thinks he is human this what we love about him. Shrek never leaves Baylee's side and he always pins his ears at the other two donkeys, Duke and Doc.



Doc is very intuitive and we think extremely handsome. He loves connecting with people and loves stealing all our attention. He falls in love quickly with many of our clients, and leaves a lasting impression with everyone he meets! Duke is his loving twin brother, who loves to cuddle and have fun with his brother.