Heart Candles

Heart Candles

INTUITIVE ANGEL CARD READINGS: A time for reflection and guidance, ask questions and receive intuitive messages

REIKI: A relaxing energy treatment that helps bring you peace, well-being and balance

REFLEXOLOGY: A highly beneficial treatment and massage for the feet that helps relieves stress and improves body function.

ANIMAL CONNECTS: What does your pet want you to know or understand about them.

ANIMAL REFLEXOLGY: A highly beneficial treatment and massage for you animal that improves health and wellness

AROMATHERAPY: Find out how Mother Nature can help you stay in balance and find homeostasis

EDxTM Energy Diagnostic Treatment Methods combines affirmations, muscle testing, acupressure and tapping to help the body release trauma.

HOT STONE MASSAGE: A warm, relaxing way to increase your blood circulation.

EXFOLIATION FOR RELAXTION: After a stressful day or week come and relax while we gently massage your hands, feet or even your face.

FEEL Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning: Our certified practitioners will guide you through an amazing horse connection that will assist with trauma.

CRYSTAL SESSIONS AND COURSES: More than just pretty little stones, crystals have very powerful energies that can help facilitate health, protection and change. We offer basic to advance courses.

PENDULUM SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS: Practical methods to discovery, learning and realignment using a pendulum. Workshops will cover, everyday application from finding lost keys to serious decision making.

ESSENTIAL OIL WORKSHOPS AND MAKE AND TAKES: This is a fun and safe way to learn about Hydrosols, Carrier Oils, Clays, and Essential Oils. The Workshops are 6 hours divided into 3 sessions (more information). The make and takes are single 2 hour monthly theme based sessions.

EQUINE ASSISTED THERAPY: A horses HEART is so much larger and beats slower than ours! The Electromagnetic field that surrounds the horses HEART can have a great effect on us. Many times we have watched people relax physically or give a heavy sign of peacefulness once they are in our horses presence. Grooming can help with fine motor skills. All our sessions are done on the ground.

YOGA WITH THE HORSES: Yoga is a great healthy way to relax through controlled breathing, simple meditation, and restorative body postures. Yoga in the presence of the horses and nature is so much better!!! At lease we think so!

GARDEN FOR WELLNESS: Dr. David Suzuki says “get dirty” Exposure to soil bacteria Mycobacterium vaccae is like a natural antidepressant, activating the brain cells that improve mood, reduce anxiety and facilitate learning… need we say anymore! Come and play in our gardens!

MEDITATIONS: Mindful meditations are offered during some of our sessions.

RAINDROP TECHNIQUE: A sequence of anointing with oils and gentle feathering technique that brings structural and electrical alignment to the body in a relaxing and invigorating manner.



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