Rachel May 2013
I just wanted to let you know that I think of my experiences at the retreat pretty much every day. All my experiences there truly were healing and loving in the truest form. I appreciate more than words can say. You, Lynsea and Rosanne, as well as all the animals and other participants have helped to heal old wounds and allowed me the possibility to let go of the things that have weighed me down. I can now see myself as whole again, and it’s been a very long time since I could say that…. At least 8 years. I really look forward to continuing our friendship and coming up again to do more retreats and to learn from you wonderful ladies.!

Rachel February 2013
I definitely feel significantly better since the session with the horses and all of the wonderful ladies who we were fortunate enough to spend the day with at the retreat. The best way to describe what I am feeling is a feeling of burdens being lifted and skies clearing to allow sunshine through. Thanks again to everyone who participated and I can’t wait to come again in May. Hopefully it comes sooner than later!!

Britney February 2013
I had a great experience here. Really enjoyed my time!!

Danielle February 2013
I really enjoyed my experience. Thank you for the wonderful day. I definitely would like to return! I will tell others about your retreat!!

Testimonial from Julie, 2013
My experience at Heart Retreat was one of pure joy!

It was a day of tranquility and self-discovery, aided by Sandi and Lynsea, who exude love and acceptance, and by the herd, who are gentle and beautiful. Even the grounds are welcoming in their wild and natural way, with unexpected sitting nooks, chimes, and bells here and there, and chickens, dogs and cats all meandering around without a care in the world. I could have stayed forever!

The whole day at Heart Retreat was wonderful but for me, the Reiki session was important as it showed me some truths that I need to pay attention to, and the Tarot reading strengthened those truths. The animal communication was also fascinating to me and my dog has certainly benefitted from that session!

I believe that Heart Retreat is a very special place—a place to heal and to discover oneself, and to attain some much needed peace in our hectic lives. Thank you, Sandi and Lynsea and friends, for a fabulous day—I will be back!

Love and Light,


Testimonial from Carole Boshier, August 2011
On a warm summer day, surrounded by the comforting sounds of a gentle breeze, buzzing bees, peaceful horses and a welcoming crow, I found a new direction for my life. I found love, peace of mind, forgiveness and above all, acceptance of the things I have no control over. I found guidance to nurture “the inner child in me” and direction to have fun in my job.

With the kind and caring help of Sandi, Barb and Rosanne, I discovered that I was and have always been, encircled with so much love that I was speechless.

I embarked on my journey with these remarkable ladies with a set idea of what I wanted to address, but it didn’t take long to realize that there was so much more to understand and accept before I could reach my goal. Now three months after my extraordinary experience with the horses, I am deeply happy, (a different kind of happiness that day to day troubles can’t erode) at peace with myself (and all that affects me) and very grateful to the new me.

I thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Belle gets a kiss

Belle gets a kiss


Hi Barb Sandi, and Lynsea

What a surprise!!! Being invited to your pilot project with your horses, this experience was truly enlightening.

I never knew that there was such a connection between horses and our feelings. They are so receptive and smart.

Each horse made a unique connection with each person and each other, as they healed our thoughts.

Surprisingly, I was so relaxed and calm for my first experience, since I have never been near a horse before.

Loved every moment being there, so glad I had the opportunity, Thank you Ladies. Awesome experience!

Gregory 16 years
Hi there Sandi, Barb and Lynsea,

Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of your horse project.

I am the family member that was tested positively for a severe horse allergy! As a family, the choice to take me in such close contact with the horses was a huge awareness. That day, my parents and I decided that I was not going to take any allergy medicines, as I would normally do. With all medicines in close reach, I was amazed, shocked, and in complete disbelief that my face and head did NOT swell up like a marshmallow. I believe Barb had done a healing meditation for me with the horses specifically about my allergies. Thank you.

Belle returns the kiss

Belle returns the kiss

In disbelief, my entire time being there, I was completely fine. No reaction from the smell or touch/petting of the horses.

I felt very relaxed when I was out in the paddock on the massage tables. Thank you Banderas, you gave me the biggest lick ever! This was my very first time, since I was very young, after having a life threatening allergic reaction to horses. I had an amazing experience of peace and happiness.

Thank you Barb, Sandi and Lynsea.

Michael 14 years
Thank you Barb, Sandi and Lynsea for giving me the opportunity to have an amazing first time experience in the company of horses.

To me, I found being around the horses, was very relaxing and knowledgeable. I say knowledgeable because I learnt so many things about horses in that one day there, than I ever knew before. My favourite part was when I was on the healing table, one of the horses came to put their head on my chest.

It was overwhelming at first, but I quickly felt like I was safe and peaceful. I thought that it was pretty amazing.

I felt this way even when I got to get close to the horses. One of my special moments that day, was cuddling up on the grass with one of the horses in the paddock. That was the first time I ever got to be in such close company with horses, and I know I fell in love with them that day.

Belle returns to healing

Belle returns to healing

Danielle 10 years

When I stepped out of my car, I took a look across the field and I felt a connection. When I went and saw the horses. Nappy was the first horse that liked me. We went to go and get clovers for the horses and Ollie (Caleb) came straight up to me.

I also felt a very big connection with Baylee when I walked her to the pen. When I was on the massage table, I looked over the paddock and saw that all the horses were in a trance. One of the horses gave me so much energy, he had to lie down.

I thank them for letting me be a part of it. I have butterflies in my stomach, remembering that day. Thank you

Dearest Barb, Sandi, Lynsea and the Herd

I am writing to express our gratitude for your program which has touched me in my heart from the moment I stepped on the farm.

I was amazed at the interaction of the horses toward each and every one of us. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of a truly breath taking experience. I remember being like a kid in a candy store, at the very thought of being in the company of such majestic animals. The last time I had been in close proximity to a horse, was riding my best friend, bareback 30 years ago. I spent much of my first moments inhaling those oh so familiar scents of the horses. It was as if something was awakened in me, the memory of a time when I was incandescently happy. By the time I had visited with the herd that day, life had dealt us, as a family, a few unfortunate tragedies, so it did not take me long at all for my soul to start dancing through a mere smell and sight of the horses. As I watched the interactions of the horses with my family and me, I knew that our Creator was in the midst of everything happening there that day.

Bandaros after a session

Banderas after a session

It was a place of peace, healing, and tranquility. Thank you for the blessings you and the horses are to us, the individuals and families who have visited and are yet to come.

Thank you again, for creating the opportunity and environment for my horse reconnection, 30 years later.

My experience exceeded all of my expectations. Each horse brought out completely different feelings in me. We as a family, are so lucky to have experienced the feeling of peace and calm and that all will be well, no matter what.

I can heartily recommend the program to anyone wishing to become more in touch with nature, animals, and themselves (their thoughts, feelings, behaviours).

That day will forever leave a footprint in all of our hearts. We truly feel blessed.

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