My My how time flies when you having fun.

Lynsea is Married... Congratulations to you and Jordon.
We are using different natural modalities to assist the horses with their special needs. Here is one example, Morgan has a severe injury on her leg. She is being offered Reiki, electromagnetic pulses, Essential Oils, and Clay poultices, and/or Reflexology to assist her with the calcium build up.
We are starting to incorporate Reflexology, Homeopathy remedies and Essential Oils with our rescue horses recovery programmes with great results.

With all the beautiful snow on the ground, Mother Nature has covered the crops and the trees with a gorgeous blanket. It won’t be long until the snow has melted and the beautiful flowers and green pastures are poking their heads up to reach to the sky for her wonderful spring light. Ha that’s what my day dream is about when its -25….. but at least the suns out!!

Here is a sneak peak at what HEART Retreat is planning for 2014.

We welcome a new practitioner to assist you on your body’s balancing journey.

Starting April 2014, Melissa is going to be offering massage therapy in our wonderful peaceful setting after she receives her certification. She has embarked on an amazing healing journey and we welcome her to the HEART Retreat team. Until then you might be able to catch her and become one of her case studies….. now that’s a treat!!

Congratulations to Lynsea and Jordan Swan on their engagement. What a beautiful Christmas Gift for both of you. May you always walk in each other's sunshine and dance together in the rain.

APRIL 2013
Congratulations to Lynsea, she is now a Certified Reflexologist. Check out her website at

MAY 2013
Our second annual Mother’s Day Retreat was a success!! Good thing we had it Saturday instead of Sunday BRRRRR!! I would like to take this opportunity to thank one of our amazing four legged healers BELLE, she conducted one very powerful unforgettable session!! We have now witnessed a horse physically transform to assist one of HEART Retreat clients. It was so amazing I didn’t realize what was happening at first. The connection and healing that transpires from the universe through equine and humans, never ceases to amaze me!

The beginning of May brought new life to the retreat. Desa (short for Iradesa) gave birth to 6 kittens and what an arrangement of colours. We have been blessed with a tortoise shell. We have been waiting since 2007 when we lost a very special feline family member named Tordy. Thank you Desa.

I love it when our clients adopt! Thanks to Rachel for adopting her HEART Connection “MARINA”, the miracle kitten and to Leslie for adopting her HEART Connection Maisy (check out Leslie Town’s facebook page for some adorable photos.

JUNE 2013
Congratulations to Sandi for obtaining her certification in Animal Communication Level 2. Sandi would like to thank Sheila Trecartin for being there for the animals and sharing her knowledge and experiences Thank you for making it possible for others to help the connection between the animal kingdom and their human caregivers.

JULY 2013
Breanna and Rosanne are sharing their creative talent for making DREAM CATCHERS!! Making a Dream Catcher is easier than you think! When you make a dream catcher with your own energy and love its very rewarding. CONTACT US TO FIND OUT WHEN THE NEXT DREAM CATCHER SESSION IS, or you can book a retreat and create one while you are here. Check out our photo gallery to see some of the great personal energy catchers our clients have made.

MARCH News and events ~ I HEARD A ROBIN TODAY (March 12, 2013)

Well it just seemed like last month that I was jumping for joy when Wiarton Willie didn’t see his shadow!! (Oh wait it was last month, my how time flies!!) Well we move from hopes of spring into signs of spring. The days are longer, the horses are starting to shed their winter coats, slowly but surely. The time changed. The February HEART month retreat was a great success. Wow 14 people in one day that was an organization skill builder for sure. Thank you to the participants for your patience and wonderful energy. And thank you to our practitioners both equine and humine!!

So what does March hold? Well, after the March break we have only two weekends left for planning the fun and festivities of April and May. Check out the events page for details.

Here’s a sneak peak for 2013.

Saturday April 13, Open house,
Saturday April 20, mediation with guest practitioner Amanda,
Saturday April 27, Animal Totems, with guest practitioner Heddy
…….and then swinging into May
Hope to see you soon.

February 2013
Yippee! Wiarton Willie didn’t see his shadow and we all know what that means!!! Spring is just around the corner and with it brings new beauty to HEART Retreat. Our Serenity Gardens is about to give birth to a new canopy of charka balancing colours. So book your retreat or event and let the healing energy in!

January 2013
“HEART Retreat would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and best wishes for 2013. May this year be filled with awareness and gratitude. If we are grateful for even the smallest things it makes the universe sing with joy. Just by acknowledging and thanking the universe (which can be done in silence, it’s the thought) even for the green lights we receive when we are trying to go somewhere, and the safety of the arrival. Gratitude should start the moment we open our eyes and not finish until we close our eyes to go to sleep. Every little thing should be acknowledged. You will be amazed at how you will feel just by offering a quick silent thank you.

Barbara Penny is embarking on her own journey and is no longer with HEART Retreat. HEART Retreat would like to offer Barb many good wishes.”

Serenity Gardens

Serenity Gardens before

August 2012
HEART Retreat has completed an extreme makeover to the Serenity Gardens. What used to be a burn/dump pile in an area where there was dead fall, branches and tree limbs everywhere has now been transformed into a beautiful sitting area. We even have added a couple of Koi in a small area.

Serenity Gardens

Serenity Gardens after

Serenity Gardens

Serenity Gardens after

Horse Love

Horse Love

May 2012
Congratulations Sandi, Barbara, Lynsea and Rosanne on the opening of HEART Retreat!

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