Old Ontario barn for horses

HEART Retreat's old Ontario barn AD 1898

HEART Retreat is located on some of the most picturesque 200 acres in the County of Simcoe. The feeling of the property is one of comfort and joy. The gentle rolling and generously treed topography will give you hours of enjoyment. You will be encouraged to explore the trails, and be totally enveloped in warmth in the centre of an ancestral group of ancient hardwoods.

The land was settled in 1883 and stayed with the same family until 2006. We are blessed to have found such an amazing property with such a great history.

The property was crown land purchased from the government for $48.45 in 1868. The 100 acre property was sold for $1,900.00 in January 1883. The first settlers of the land bought the farm for $2,500.00 in December 1883. The other 100 acres were purchased by the settler's son for $3,500.00 in December 1918. The property remained 200 acres until 1965 when a small severance was taken from the southeast corner.

Old Ontario barn for horses

How the day starts at sunrise

The present house was constructed in 1896, in 1900 the back part was added and in 1965 renovations were made- a water system was installed downstairs and a bathroom was added. The original barn was built in 1878 and the addition to the barn was constructed in 1905. The property to this day is used for farming.

HEART Retreat is adding a special gift back to the land for its generous contribution to each family that has owned and reaped the benefits from the bounties of the land. We will offer special sessions of gratitude and healing during every retreat.

We take comfort in knowing that the original settlers would be proud of what their property has accomplished all because it was nurtured with love and good intentions.

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