Welcome to HEART Retreat. Many people have said that a horse's eye is a window to your soul.

HEART Retreat invites you to come and learn how to walk in balance. HEART Retreat is an equine assisted therapy retreat.

Our horses are truly magical and each one has its own special attributes. They evoke deep feelings as their huge heart energy mirrors back our true emotions. Horses have feelings, thoughts and memories and are empathetic. The horse gives you a really safe environment to open up your deepest and truest feelings because they are very intuitive and grounded beings, so all you have to do is just form a thought.

There is something for everyone to experience at HEART Retreat, not only the horses but their animal friends, the nature, the aliveness of the property and its historical background.

Baylee and her talented herd would like to invite you to this equinistic opportunity. Sandi, Lynsea, Rosanne and their gifted facilitators invite you to come and start your magical journey.




HEART Retreat
Ontario, Canada

(705) 326-4317

HEART Retreat

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